Thank you for your interest in becoming a Vendor for the 2016 Santa's Workshop event, Christmas In July. All Vendor spaces have been filled, but please click the link below to leave your information and be notified of future events!
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Would you like to donate an item to our event raffle? If so, please specify item below:

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If you cannot provide your own table, we have a very limited number of tables available. Given out based on registration date
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**Vendor Cost is $20 to set up and sell/promote products.

**We do ask that the set-up is kept family friendly as this is a family event & cause.

**Please email Erin at with any questions you may have.  

**Vendor Registration Deadline Is July 10, 2016
**Vendors Can Arrive For Set-Up As Early As 2:00 p.m.
**Vendors Must Be Set-Up By The 3:00 Start Time To Participate
**We Ask That All Vendors Stay For The Full 2 Hour Event
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